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    Silicone Liner for The Grease Box Grease Bucket Liners

    Silicone Box Liner SBL-1 (2-Pack)

    Silicone Box Liner for The Grease Box  Fits perfectly into the lower grease collection bucket of THE GREASE BOX (GX-1). Our custom fitted silicone liner is high heat resistant and reusable,...
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    The Grease Box replaces traditional grease drip bucket The Grease Box Grease Management System

    The Grease Box

    THE GREASE BOX is the only wood pellet grill PAIL-replacement. It replaces the standard flimsy, swinging, messy and open grease bucket with a sturdy, lockable and enclosed assembly...
  • 1250 Recteq PMG Gen2 Rack System 2 Racks

    1250 Recteq PMG Gen2 Rack System 2 Racks

    Would you like to see us release a Rack System for this model?? Simply click "Add to Wishlist" and input your email (NOTE - After you submit your email, you MUST go back to the item and click "Add to...

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