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Pro 34 / Texas / Century 885, PMG Gen2 Rack System 2 Racks

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Pro 34 / Texas / Century 885,  PMG Gen2 Rack System 2 Racks
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Introducing the 2nd generation PMG Rack Systems. The Gen2!

Double your cooking capacity with the Pimp My Grill Gen2 2-Rack System.

Turn your Traeger Pro Pro 34 into a workhorse or simply enjoy the benefits of cooking at various levels. Lower racks provide more direct heat while the upper racks experience more convection and smoke! Simultaneously grill and bake at the same time. Turn your Traeger up hot to enjoy beautiful diamond shaped sear marks.

Our creative design features effortless installation with no modifications to your grill. Simply lock the side brackets into place and slide the shelves into position.

Slide out racks bring the food to you! Glide your food out of the smoke and heat to easily access it anywhere! No more smoke in the eyes while trying to flip food in the back of the grill. 


Compatible Models

Pro 34

Texas Bronze

Texas Blue

Texas Elite


Embedded grates hide expanded steel edges within the frame

Single adjustment bolt for quick installation

Racks are reversible allowing optional recessed grilling surface

Rack Lock System with SmoothSlide tracks

Craftsman's corners

Overbuilt durable construction

Classic diamond pattern creates perfect sear marks

Carbon steel seasons and protects like cast iron



Top Racks: 33" x 18.5"
Bottom Raxk: 33" x 16"

Square Inches: 1138"


” between bottom rack and top rack


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